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C3 service

C3 stand for Connhex Continuous Care.

It is a service offered by Compiuta along all of Connhex C-Buy plans and it includes:

  • continuous monitoring
  • continuous security fixes and updates
  • automatic backups
  • phone and email support
  • (optional) hosting by Compiuta


C3 is yearly pro-rated and its pricing depends on which version of Connhex you're going to associate it to.


€ 2.300 /year

C3 for Connhex Base.

  • Continuous monitoring, security fixes and updates.
  • Phone and email support.
  • Connhex hosting by Compiuta is available at an additional cost.


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C3 for Connhex Pro.

  • Continuous monitoring, security fixes and updates.
  • Priority phone and email support
  • Connhex hosting by Compiuta on any major cloud provider (GCP, AWS, Azure) is available at an additional cost.
All prices are VAT excluded.

Should I get it?

First of all, remember that C3 is already included in all C-Lease plans. C3 is optional: whether or not you should be getting it really depends on your company structure. The majority of our customers starts with getting C3 for the first year, to later evaluate whether to bring maintenance in house or not. To be more precise, as of today, 95% of Connhex C-Buy plans have been sold together with a C3 service. If your IT department is already experienced with data collection platforms and can take care of Connhex on its own, there's probably no need to get it.