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Process, store and visualize data in your own Cloud. And much more.

Everything you need to enter the IoT world

Connhex Cloud is a comprehensive data collection solution that turns your server into an industrial IoT platform ready to manage over 10.000 devices.

In just a few minutes, you'll get a platform tested and validated for production environments, ready for future extension to higher traffic and designed to interface with any other system.

Need to handle over 10.000 devices? Discover Connhex Enterprise.

Private, secure and independent

Your data is yours. It's simple as that.

In practice, this means that data is only stored on your server and the platform is under your complete control - no vendor lock-in at all.

Connhex has been designed from the ground up with cybersecurity in mind: your data will be transmitted and stored safely.

No compromises

Say goodbye to complex and unpredictable pricing schemes: with Connhex Cloud, everything is under your control.

And you don't need to give up the advantages of a managed cloud platform thanks to:

  • continuous monitoring to prevent operating anomalies
  • updates with security fixes and new features
  • automatic backups of your data


  • Encrypted connections and token-protected data access
  • Support for mutual TLS authentication (mTLS) with X.509 certificates
  • Automatic generation and renewal of SSL certificates


  • Support for all the main technologies used in the IoT world
  • Easily expandable with custom protocols
  • Can be integrated with any device, application or platform


  • Simple and intuitive web interface for managing your data and devices
  • Step-by-step documentation for each operation


  • Developed with cutting-edge technologies for high performance and minimum resource consumption
  • Compliant with the security rules imposed by the GDPR

Need a more powerful version of Connhex?

To the stars

Connhex Enterprise is the perfect answer for high-traffic applications.

It features automatic scaling to handle traffic spikes, multi-region redundancy for higher availability and reduced latency.

And, exactly like the base version of Connhex, it is completely under your control: host it on your account on any major cloud platform provider!

The perfect foundation to build your industrial IoT platform

Quickly develop your applications without managing complex infrastructures: Connhex provides you with rock-solid foundations upon which you can build a custom platform to satisfy your customers' needs.

Connhex allows you to keep complete control over the collected data and access it in a simple and effective way: your platform will be completely independent and free from vendor lock-in.

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