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Connhex Control

A complete device management application, straight out of the box as soon as you install Connhex. Use it to debug your application while you're building it, to monitor and manage devices once they have been deployed to the field.

Manage edges and devices

Create edges and devices in seconds. Update, remove them and perform bulk actions: all the usual boring stuff, made as easy as it can be.

Curious about the difference between edges and devices?See more.

Monitor traffic

Monitor every single message flowing through your Connhex instance. Immediately understand if devices are up and running or if any of them is having an issue communicating.

Node-RED™️ first class support

Use Node-RED™️ to build custom flows and logic. Creating an entire IoT platform simply means launching Connhex and connecting Node-RED™️ blocks. See more

Certificates made easy

Managing certificates properly can be a nightmare. We feel your pain: that's why all certificates are automatically created and can be downloaded or revoked in a single click.

A tunnel to the edge

A fully-fledged terminal emulator connected to your edges. Connhex Edge allows us to mimick an SSH connection through MQTT. The result? Out-of-the-box complete access to your devices.

You just need your device to be powered on and connected to the network to be able to access it. And the tunnel is completely independent from the custom firmware on the edge: this is perfect for recovering devices when something goes wrong!