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The concept of device is core to Connhex. Every device is the digital representation of a physical element that is able to connect to the infrastructure and send data of different nature (e.g. temperature, humidity, voltage, etc.) using a communication protocol supported by Connhex.

Every device is characterized by the following fields:

  • name: it is the name assigned by the user (e.g. the serial number of the device).
  • id: unique device identifier (generated following the UUID standard). It is automatically generated by Connhex during the device creation phase;
  • metadata: JSON object containing the custom fields defined by the user. It's a user-defined optional field (initialized to {} if no value is specified). During the device creation step, this field is automatically filled with the identifier of the channel that will be used by the device to communicate with Connhex;
  • key: Connhex access key (password) associated to the current device. Every time the device wants to send data to Connhex, it will use this key to be identified by the infrastructure.
Name uniqueness

You can have multiple devices with the same name: Connhex will still be able to distinguish them based on their IDs (see below). As a guideline, we recommend to stick with a unique name for each device, that maps an identifier of the physical element it represents.