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Device configuration

In order to publish a message to Connhex, a physical device must be configured properly.

In fact, every communication protocol supported by Connhex assumes that the device which wants to send a message must be identified at least through a username and a password. It must also provide a channel in which its messages will be published.

As you can see in the device creation section, every time a device is created, it is assigned a unique device_id (username), a device_key (password) and a specific channel_id. From now on, the triplet device_id, device_key, channel_id will be defined as device configuration. A configuration contains the credentials needed by a physical device in order to be able to publish a message in the infrastructure.

The configuration of a particular device can be retrieved from Connhex Control: just look for a specific device name in the devices menu and access the detail page.

Through the web application, Connhex also offers the possibility to export the configurations of all your devices in a single CSV file. The exported file content will be something like:

| name        | device_id                                   | device_key                                  | channel_id                           |
| my_device_0 | 41afa987-3b5a-4bef-a5a3-ba5dd4307243 | 92164e00-2b9b-4c70-9403-cf34efbce9af | 27a5371f-9d12-49d6-bbac-db9f08a486bf |
| my_device_1 | 8d9c7ebd-954a-492a-8226-dd19c8d2fd8b | fe62ace0-54d6-4457-a5f5-32f9a78f92aa | 398dc537-2b57-4d9a-a6d5-1a1a4f03b7cc |
| my_device_2 | bc0f3c07-4981-46d8-a560-293c5c74c6ee | 3558faa0-8daa-4d0b-9b8a-49a121263178 | 89c0cabb-f44c-4cef-a9c3-a6be7966fb27 |

Publishing a message

Once a device is properly configured, it can start sending messages to Connhex. For an example on how to send a message, look here.