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Purchase and registration

First things first: compare here plans available and choose your Connhex version.

Broadly speaking, you'll need to choose:

  • a Connhex version, based on how many devices your application needs to handle;
  • a plan, based on whether you want to have your own platform or are only interested in having access to a service;
  • if you want your platform to be updated, maintained and supported by Compiuta (C3 service);
  • (only for C-buy plans) if the platform is hosted by you or by Compiuta.

If you have any difficulty in choosing a Connhex version, or need additional information, simply contact us via email at and we'll be glad to help you.

Connhex hosted by Compiuta

If we (Compiuta) host Connhex - either on a C-Lease plan or on a C-Buy with the "hosting option" - you'll just need to provide us an email address where you want to receive the credentials to access Connhex. That's it!

Connhex hosted by you

In order to be able to download Connhex, you'll need to provide us:

  • an email address where you want to receive the credentials to get Connhex;

  • the IP address of the server where Connhex will be installed. You can retrieve it by typing the followed command on a server's terminal:

    curl ''
Why do we need this information?

We need this information for two reasons:

  • establishing a secure connection between the devices and your server
  • establishing an authenticated connection between your server and our registry. Your server will connect to Compiuta's registry to download Connhex during the installation phase

Once these steps are completed, you'll receive an email with the credentials needed to install Connhex on your server.