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Connhex is a secure, scalable and modern industrial grade IoT platform that can be deployed directly on your server.

What makes Connhex unique?#

We have developed Connhex to offer small and medium-sized businesses an optimized and ready-to-use data collection platform.

10.000 devices in 10 minutes#

Connhex can be installed in under 10 minutes and can handle over 10.000 simultaneous connections. It is optimized for medium-traffic cases and designed to be scaled up to heavier loads: this allows you to avoid expensive and hard-to-maintain infrastructure, while still reaping the benefits of a production grade system.

Your data is yours#

Connhex can be installed in any server that meets the minimum requirements. Having the entire platform under your control gives you:

  • privacy: the data collected by your devices is only stored on your servers
  • independence: you're not tied to a specific provider

Connhex is...#


since it uses encrypted connections and token-based data access. It supports TLS and mTLS authentication with X.509 certificates and automatic SSL certificates renewal.


because the data gathered by your devices is only stored your servers. Connhex is also fully GDPR compliant.


since it can be adapted to support custom protocols and be integrated with every device, application or platform.

Easy to manage#

by offering an intuitive web interface to configure and manage your devices.


because we built it by using performant cutting-edge technologies.

About Compiuta#

Compiuta is the company behind Connhex.

Compiuta provides complete solutions for IoT applications: Connhex is the just the foundation on which we build.

If you're looking for a tailored solution, email us and we'll be happy to hear from you.