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Connhex can be deployed both on premise and on any cloud provider of your choice.

Managed installation

We are happy to setup a cluster and install Connhex for you, at no additional cost. This is the easiest way to get started with Connhex and it's the recommended approach for most users: we'll also help you to estimate the compute resources needed.

If you'd rather install Connhex yourself, just keep on reading.

DIY on-premise installation

In order to be able to download Connhex, you'll need to provide us:

  • an email address where you want to receive the credentials to get Connhex;

  • the IP address of the server where Connhex will be installed. You can retrieve it by typing the followed command on a server's terminal:

    curl ''
Why do we need this information?

We need this information for two reasons:

  • establishing a secure connection between the devices and your server
  • establishing an authenticated connection between your server and our registry. Your server will connect to Compiuta's registry to download Connhex during the installation phase

Once these steps are completed, you'll receive an email with the credentials needed to install Connhex on your server.

Hosted by Compiuta

If you choose a plan that includes hosting by Compiuta, you can skip the prerequisites and installation sections.


  • Operating system: Debian or Ubuntu-based Linux distribution (x86-64 architecture) such as:
    • Ubuntu 16.0.4 or a more recent version;
    • Debian 9 (Stretch) or a more recent version;
  • On-premise or virtual server dedicated to the installation of Connhex;
  • On-premise or virtual server with static ip.

If you don't meet one or more prerequisites, just drop us an email and we'll find together the right solution for you.


In order to install Connhex just login into your server and type the following command:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
  • Once the command is executed, you will be presented with the instructions to proceed with the installation. As a first step, you will be asked to insert the credentials received during the registration phase.
  • After the installation is successfully completed, Connhex will automatically start on your server.
  • At the end of the process the script will output the credentials (username and password) needed to login into the web application (Connhex Control), where you can create and manage your devices.

Connhex Control

In order to access Connhex Control just navigate to:

where your-company-domain is the domain we sent you after the initial registration.

Connhex Dashboard

Connhex also includes a Grafana instance you can use to create dashboards. In order to access it, just navigate to:

where your-company-domain is the domain we sent you after the initial registration.

Hosted by Compiuta

To log into Connhex Control and Connhex Dashboard you must use the credential you were given after the installation process.