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Connhex Pay is an abstraction layer on top of Stripe to handle payments and subscriptions. It integrates with Connhex IAM to ensure users can perform different actions and access different sections based on the pricing plan they're on.


Connhex Pay allows you to offer:

  • one-time and recurring payments
  • trial periods, discounts and manual exceptions - after all, there's always the customer that gets a special treatment, right?
  • multiple payment methods, including an offline mode
  • a complete set of back-office functionalities dedicated to customers. They can upgrade their plan on their own, download or get via email payment receipts, be notified of a plan approaching expiry and much more.

It is also deeply customizable. Its relationship with Stripe has been designed according to a leader/follower pattern: any change1 performed through Stripe's dashboard is reflected into Connhex Pay. Should you, for example, allow up to an additional 15 days after the payment deadline before flagging the billing as expired, Connhex Pay will also wait for 15 days before removing any permission to the user.

The entire Connhex Pay API is available according to the OpenAPI format: you can perform any integration - a prime example being the one with your ERP system.

Use cases

You should use Connhex Pay if you want your customers to be able to buy products and services from you.

The key advantage of using this service instead of building a custom integration with your payment provider of choice is the integration with Connhex IAM: permissions are automatically updated upon any payment-related event.

This allows you to get complete flows already built out of the box:

Signup flow

  • users pay
  • they can immediately access the functionalities granted by their plan of choice

Upgrade flow

  • users upgrade or downgrade their plan
  • every app immediately updates its UI to reflect the new permissions

Expiry flow

  • users fail to renew their subscription
  • according to the policy you specified, apps can immediately prevent access from previously available functionalities or do so after a configurable delay

Cancel flow

  • users cancel their subscriptions
  • they can only access free functionalities


Why Stripe and what is it?

Stripe is a complete suite of services to manage payments online. We have chosen to build Connhex Pay on top of Stripe since we believe it to be the best solution out there to handle payments.

What if I need help?

We have created a checklist with all the steps you need to take in order to configure your Stripe account. And if you need additional support, just email us at!

  1. With the notable exception of the price-permissions relationship. This needs to be manually set through Connhex Control, since Stripe has no concept of permissions we can relate to the ones belonging to Connhex IAM.