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Connhex Provisioning is the service responsible for creating a device entity in Connhex Cloud.

A device is an element that virtually identifies an object connected to the infrastructure: each connected object will have its virtual equivalent.

This virtual component consists of a set of properties that allow the real device to interact with Connhex Cloud. These properties correspond to connection parameters such as username, password, certificates and configurations: this is why the existence of a virtual counterpart is a necessary requirement for connecting a device.


The process through which a device authenticates and downloads a configuration is called Remote Init. It is logically subsequent to the provisioning step - additional details on remote initialization can be found here.

Therefore, a procedure is needed to create and initialize these objects in advance - and Connhex Provisioning is responsible for implementing it.

While devices can also be manually created in Connhex Control, it is recommended to use Connhex Provisioning, especially in a production environment or when the number of devices to be provisioned is high. Devices are usually provisioned during the final assembly or testing phase of the physical entity, for example during its first connection.