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Installing Connhex Edge


Every device equipped with Connhex Edge needs to be associated with a unique license. To get one, contact us at

Clean up previous installations

Not always needed

This clean-up step is needed only if you're trying to re-configure a device in which Connhex Edge was previously installed.

  • Go to /opt/connhex/configs
  • Remove these two files: agent.tomland export.toml. Those are automatically created by Connhex Edge and synced with Connhex.
  • Remove the file agent.env

Download and installation

Connhex Edge is distributed through two .deb packages. Download those with the following commands


Install the packages with:

sudo dpkg -i connhex-edge-agent_1.1.0_linux_armv7.deb
sudo dpkg -i connhex-edge-export_1.0.1_linux_armv7.deb


Go to your Connhex Control instance and create a new Edge, then download its agent.env configuration file. Replace the - empty - agent file in /opt/connhex/configs/agent.env with the one you just downloaded.

Start Connhex Edge

To start Connhex Edge the first time you can either execute these commands in the following order:

sudo /opt/connhex/bin/
Additional Check

To make sure the previous script was executed properly, check the existence of agent.tomland export.toml in /opt/connhex/configs.

sudo /opt/connhex/bin/

or reboot the device.

This allows Connhex Edge to retrieve the device configuration from the Connhex instance: from now on, Connhex Edge will automatically start its execution as soon as the device boots.