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Two different Connhex versions, the same great experience.

  • Base
  • Pro


€ 7.500 /one time

Maximum independence: you get the platform and the data under your control.

  • Ideal for small and medium applications (up to 10.000 simultaneous devices).
  • Host it on your server - either physical or virtual.
  • Can be hosted by us on a virtual server you can access too.
  • C3 service is available!


€ 349 /month

Start with Connhex Base as a service, then get your own infrastructure once your applications grow.

  • Hosted by Compiuta, so you don't need to worry about IT infrastructure.
  • You can redeem the platform at any moment: it will be just like selecting the C-Buy plan from the start.
  • C3 service included.

C3 service

Continuous monitoring, security fixes and updates. Also, hosting!

We offer additional services to give Connhex every advantage an hosted cloud platform has with respect to an on-premise system. By packaging these services in a single offering, we created C3.

More details
  • continuous monitoring
  • continuous security fixes and updates
  • automatic backups
  • phone and email support
  • (optional) hosting by Compiuta

We engineer customized IoT solutions to meet any need.

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