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Whyshould you choose Connhex?

Countless IoT plaforms exist, but Connhex is different. Here's why:

Lowest time-to-market, highest flexibility

Get to market really fast and keep maximum flexibility to tailor the platform to your needs. These two goals are usually mutually exclusive: Connhex achieves both.

This is why Connhex is the perfect foundation to build your own IoT platform: you'll be able to do exactly what you need, fast.

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Add connected devices without adding costs

You can typically choose between a big upfront payment with low recurring costs or paying only for connected devices. In the first case, you need to start with many connected devices to get a return on your investment. In the second one, costs skyrocket rapidly.

The third way of doing things is Connhex. It is perfectly suited for small and medium hardware manufacturers: you can scale and add devices without a big initial investment. Connhex helps you skyrocket your revenue, not your costs.

Internal tools included

Providing a new service to your customers typically means building a lot of internal tools they'll never see.

Unless you are using Connhex, that is to say.

Connhex Control gives you total access to devices for support and maintenance tasks. Our Grafana integration allows you to quickly create powerful monitoring dashboards. Add to the mix the included logging, auditing and alarm systems, users management and much more: you'll be able to focus on what actually matters to your customers.

Maximum independence and a partner you can count on

Having your own IoT platform ensures no vendor lock-in is possible. But this doesn't mean you won't have a partner you can count on to tailor it to your needs or develop additional integrations.

We at Compiuta base all of our consulting work on Connhex. Our incentives are perfectly aligned with yours, as we keep refining and extending Connhex to make it better.

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